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NC 98 Corridor Study

The DCHC MPO is partnered with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Agency (CAMPO) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to study safety and mobility improvements in the N.C. 98 corridor from U.S. 70 in Durham County through Wake County to U.S. 401 in Franklin County, North Carolina. This approximately 27-mile section of N.C. 98 contains varied land uses, including urban east Durham and scattered suburban development in eastern Durham County.

The final rounds of public meetings have been completed, and the MPO Board will likely release the final plan and recommendations for public comment at their August 8th meeting. The MPO will accept comments through September 6th, and conduct a public hearing and approve the final plan at their September 12th meeting.

See the following study Web page for opportunities to participate.

Contact Andy Henry, (919) 560-4366 ext. 36419, , if you have questions.